Low Commission Real Estate Agents in Philadelphia County, PA

If you’re looking to buy or sell a home, have you wondered whether there is an alternative to high real estate commission fees? The answer is…yes there is! Let Buy & Sell & Save Realty be your solution for low commission real estate agents in Philadelphia County, PA!

Why Pay More Than You Have To?

At Buy & Sell & Save, we’re shaking up real estate commission rates, and giving consumers the better options they deserve. Rather than charge a commission…traditionally 6%…we charge a fixed, flat fee based on the selling price of the home. The higher the value of the home, the more savings you’ll receive.

For example, if the home’s selling price is $400,000, your fee is just $3,995. That can save you $20,000 over a typical agent commission! If another agent brings the buyer, we simply add a 3% buyer’s agent commission to our fixed fee…which still results in $8,000 in savings for you in this case.

Want to see for yourself how much you could save? Try our savings calculator, enter the value of your home, and see your potential savings. If you don’t know your home’s worth, you can call us at 484-584-0001, and request a free, no obligation evaluation of your property.

We save money for buyers too. If you want to buy a home but don’t have property to sell, we can help. When you buy a home through us, we’ll rebate 10% of our commission to you. For example, if we negotiate a buying price of $400,000, with a 3% commission payable, we’ll rebate 10% of our commission…$1,200 in this case…to your purchase.

If you’re a military veteran, that commission rebate becomes 15%, or $1,800 in this example…our way of thanking you for your service.

By the way, you sacrifice nothing for the savings. We still offer the best possible services for you, whether it’s marketing your home for a sale, or helping you find and buy your dream house. We invite you to read just a few of our customer reviews here, and see the difference we’ve made for local buyers and sellers in the region.

Your Answer For Low Commission Real Estate Agents in Philadelphia County – Start Today!

Yes, you do have an alternative to high real estate commissions. Try the Philadelphia County low commission agents at Buy & Sell & Save. Contact us here to get started, and see the savings for yourself!